A 57 year history of Success!

Building on a track record of trust and innovation

The beginning:

Our family’s first generation business journey started with Agriculture, a way back in the year 1960, cultivating paddy, coconut, sugarcane, sesame and more, at Thanjavur, situated in South region of Tamilnadu, India.

The second Generation:

In the early 70’s, with the base knowledge of Agriculture, our fathers (the 2nd generation) , stepped into Rice Mill Business, in the year 1974. They had thus begun the journey for their survival backed only by their skill and knowledge gained in agriculture and a passion for business.

Third Generation:

Our third generation business evolved in our State Capital, Chennai – in the year 1989, in the name of Shree Amman Pharma Distributors, as a budding concern and then later it was incorporated as Shree Amman Pharma Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2000, as an authorized distributor for more than 200 top notch Pharmaceutical Companies of India.

Birth of SamOTPL:

With sourced knowledge of Agriculture and Rice Mill business, rooted from our DNA, and with armed expertise in our current pharma distribution business, we stepped in to expanding our business globally. Thus, we have started our export business concern in the name of Sam Traders, in the year 2014 at Chennai and it was later incorporated as Sam Overseas Trading Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2017. At SamOTPL, our nature of business is purely for exporting FMCG products [ like Dry Red Chillies, Kalimark Bovonto (soft drinks), Unibic Biscuits, Chettinad Lalas (Papad, Tamarind, Fryums, Pickles etc.,), Arogyam (organic products), Sparta Fruit Drinks, etc.].

Our Global presence:

We have our own importing concern, named Shree Amman Enterprises Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, which was incorporated in the year 2015 for the distribution of FMCG products and services in entire Singapore region. We have a strong Distribution Network running successfully at:

Shree Amman Enterprises Pte. Ltd.,
#2 Bukit Batok Street 24#7-16,
Skytech, Singapore.

Together we ‘re Amman Group of Companies:

Shree Amman Group of Companies —
Listed below are some of our group companies:

  • Shree Amman Pharma Pvt Ltd – 1989 (Incorporated as Private Ltd in the year 2000)
  • Sam Overseas Trading Pvt Ltd – 2014 (Incorporated as Private Ltd in the year 2017)
  • Shree Amman Enterprises Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) – 2014
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