There are several varieties of chillies; each unique in colour and flavour.


Kashmiri Chilli1500 - 200050 - 60
WonderHOT Chilli
5000 - 8000
70 - 100
Tomato Red Chilli
Byadagi Chilli
10000 - 15000
100 - 200
S 273 Wrinkle
16000 - 22000
80 - 100
Round Chilli / Mundu Chilli (S 9)
25000 to 100000
Sannam Red Chilli (334) (S 4)
18000 - 30000
55 - 75
Endo 5 / Indam 5 Chilli40000 - 5000060 - 80
US 341
35000 - 45000
80 - 110
Teja Red Chilli (S 17)
65000 - 85000
50 - 70

Kashmiri Chilli
India is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of Kashmiri chilli and Its most popular chilli variety in the world. Its Known more for its colour than its spice and its also known as daggi chilli. The kashmiri chillies are long, flushy, Red in color and lesser pungent also lends a very bright red color and enhance aroma to the food.
General Character - Long, fleshy, deep red in color & Less pungency.
ASTA color value – 54.10
Pungency –1,500 – 2,000 SHU
Capsaicin – 0.325

Wonder HOT Chilli
They are Semi erect, Strong plant type; Dark green & shiny red in color; Wrinkle free (No Wrinkles) skin type; and 14 to 16 cm in length. Wonder Hot Chilli pepper - mostly used for its color and pungency. Larger in shape, Thick skin and are popular for its exotic flavor. These chili is one of the hottest variety of chilli among other chilli grown in the region. These wonder hot chillies are mainly cultivated from Andhra Pradesh of India
General Character - Bright Red, Long sized & Mild pungency.
ASTA color value – 70 - 100
Pungency –5,000 – 8,000 SHU
Capsaicin – 0.226

Tomato Red Chilli
Tomato Chilli (Warangal Chappatta), as the name suggests, is peculiar to the Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. They are short and deep red in colour and are slightly less pungent and milder in flavour. Tomato Chapata Warangal Chilli is very high colour and low heat(It’s Scoville Scale is Zero)this is widely used for colour extraction. This colour is highly popular among food and beverage processors for its use as a colorant, since this being a ‘natural plant colour’.
ASTA color value – 120
Pungency –8,000 SHU

Byadagi – Fully Wrinkled Red Chilli
Byadgi chilli variety is mostly used in south Indian cuisine and it has a Nice aromatic flavor & low pungency level. Therefore, Its used as a chilli powder for Indian masala products & these chillies are popular amongst chilli powder grinders. Infact, Oleoresin is extracted from these byadgi red chilli, which is used for such as nailpolish, Lipstick, etc,.
General Character - 100% Wrinkled, Highest dark red color & Less pungency.
ASTA color value – 100 - 200
Pungency –10,000 – 15,000 SHU
Capsaicin – Negligible

S 273 – Semi Wrinkled Red Chilli
This Chilli is used in its whole form while frying foods or it is used in powder form for garnishing yummy food items and snacks. It is extensively used around the globe for various culinary purposes.
ASTA color value – 80-100
Pungency – 16,000 - 22,000 SHU

Mundu Chilli/ Round Chilli - S9
Mundu chilli is a round shaped chilli , grown in ramnad district in tamilnadu,India, Its also called as ramnad S9 red mundu chilli. Especially, Mundu red chilli is very popular in south indian cuisine, It has a dark shiny & thick skin. Available with or without stem. These ramnad red mundu S9 chilli has a good flavor and aroma, exported worldwide. Also, Used for food coloring.
General Character - Round shaped, Yellowish red, Shiny & Medium pungency.
ASTA color value – 32.95
Pungency –10,000 – 30,000 SHU
Capsaicin – 0.166%

Sannam red chilli - S4 (334)
S4 Type of chilli is mostly popular among International market and Its named for its High Quality,mainly used for Pungency, Extraction & derivation of capsaicin. It has a thick skin, Red, Hot & pungent. Its widely produced in the state of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana of India
General Character - Thick skin, Red & Hot
ASTA color value – 55 - 75
Pungency – 18,000 - 30,000
Capsaicin – 0.226 %

US 341 – Long Red Chilli
Those who want high peppery flavour in their cuisines prefers Long Red Chilli. Long Red Chilli due to very high pungency is highly used in many Indian, Chinese, Thai, American, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Italian & Spanish cuisines.
ASTA color value – 80-110
Pungency – 35,000 - 45,000 SHU

Endo 5 chilli or Indam 5 chilli
Indo 5 Chilli are F1 Hybrid chilli variety of Indo-American type, Its also known as Endo 5 chilli and Indam 5 chilli , Usually 9 – 10 cms long with medium pungency.
General Character - Medium red color & Medium sized
ASTA color value – 60 - 80
Pungency –40,000 – 50,000 SHU
Capsaicin – 0.226

Teja Red Chilli – S 17
Teja chilli is the finest grade of Guntur chillies in India. Its mostly produced in the southern states of Indian fertile land and exported as whole Dried red chilli or Powder form, Usually bright red in color. Its also known as S17 Type chilli. Teja S17 chilli has fiery heat and considered one of the hottest chillies in India
General Character - Bright Red Color, Thin Skin & Fiery hot.
ASTA color value – 50 - 70
Pungency – 65,000 – 85,000 SHU
Capsaicin – 0.589 %


Whole Chilli With Stem / Whole Chilli Without Stem
8% Max
12% Max
1% Max
2% Max
3% Max


Packing Weight
4.00 Kgs / 4.50 Kgs / 5.00 Kgs / 10.00 Kgs / 15.00 Kgs / 25.00 Kgs / 35.00 Kgs or as per buyer’s requirement
Jute Gunny Bags or as per buyer’s requirement
Delivery terms
Ex-Works, FOB, CFR o CIF
Payment terms
L/C at Sight or DP
Minimum order quantity
14 Metric tons ( 1 x 40 FT Container)

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