Fryums Vathal and Vadams are the ancient specialties of South India and no South Indian lunch is left out without this delicious side dish. Vathals and Vadams are home made from natural sundried Vegetables (Vathal) and Flours of Rice, Sago (Vadams) etc. So, they are naturally nutritious and tasteful to eat. 

fryums_vathal_SamOTPLThis traditional Vathals and Vadams are processed in a unique way so that they remain fresh and have longer shelf life than any other snack food. This is the reason, why Vathals and Vadams have become quite popular and favourite snack food among the health conscious people around the world. 

We offer a very wide range of Vathals and Vadams, processed by the masters of this kind, in our own processing unit under very hygienic environment. The drying process is done in-house to avoid any foreign material settling on the product, so that the product is remarkably clean. 


Curd Chillies Long Curd Chilli Short Masala Stuffed Chillies
Plain Sundakkai Vathal Salt Sundakkai Vathal Plain Manathakali Vathal
Hot & Salt Manathakali Vathal Plain Kothavarangai (Cluster Beans) Vathal Salt Kothavarangai (Cluster Beans) Vathal
Plain Vendakkai (Ladies Finger) Vathal Salt Vendakkai (Ladies Finger) Vathal Plain Brinjal Vathal
Salt Brinjal Vathal Hot & Salt Narthangai (Citron) Vathal Pavakkai (Bitter Guard) Vathal
Dry Mango Vathal Thamarai Thandu ( Lotus Stem) Vathal Kovakkai Vathal


Rice Vadam Plain Round Sago Vadam Plain Sago Vadam Colour
Tomato Vadam Green Chilli Vadam Red Chilli Vadam
Pepper Vadam Onion Vadam Omam Vadam
Garlic Vadam Rice Vadam Stick Rice Vadam Murukku
Vepampoo Vadam Star Vadam Leaf Vadam

Pour oil in a pan and heat. Put few vadam/vathals at a time, fry, take out and drain excess oil. Can be served hot or stored in an air tight container.

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